As a Girls Positivity Club Leader,

You Will Change the Lives

of Girls in Your Community


You will be an important member of a supportive network of women cheering you on to do incredible things with your club. Girls Positivity Club is the perfect place for you to positively impact the world.

You will:

  • Feel empowered as a leader- there is no better feeling than helping a girl feel good about herself, find true friendship, and have a direct impact in creating a safe and positive community where girls are truly accepted for being themselves. 


  • Have a positive impact-  you will have direct impact on girls' lives by helping them see their potential while teaching them practical tools to build their confidence, positively release stress and anxiety, help them learn who they are and who they want to be, help them build a growth mindset, and leadership skills all while helping them see their potential.


  • Connection- you will have two communities- the girls in your club and  a network of GPC leaders to support you and cheer you on each month.

Both you and the girls in your club will gain confidence and bravery supported by a positive community cheering them on!

Positive Community

You will build an awesome community of girls. The positive environment you will create encourages girls to be accepted for being themselves. The girls will have a space to connect with girls who are navigating living their most confident and connected life.

Research and Experienced-Based

Girls Positivity Club Curriculum

The curriculum was created by Melissa Jones, Founder of GPC, using her 23-years of  teaching experience. The curriculum includes:

Weekly Guide for each Girls Positivity Club Session-   empowerment centered around relevant themes for girls, including the 4 Pillars of Empowerment:

  • Mindset/ Inner Power
  • Self-Care/Stress Release
  • Confidence/Identity
  • Leadership/Visibility


Fun Activities she learns in the club that she can use immediately at home, in school, and anywhere she goes.

Creative Activities

The creative activities are very hands-on and are centered around games, art, movement, and crafts. The creative activities are all connected to the theme of the lesson. These activities are a positive outlet for releasing stress and getting into a flow state.

Marketing Materials

All registration links, landing pages, flyers, social media posts, and any other materials you need to advertise your club will be provided by Girls Positivity Club to make launching your club easy and filled with support materials for building your community.

Benefits for the Girls in Your Club

You will help girls in your community:

  • navigating friendship- improve friendships by building positive relationships and working through common conflicts with friends 
  • stepping out of their comfort zone- being supported in her growth of trying new things and seeing her own potential 
  • Handle mistakes with confidence- managing comparison and perfectionism in schoolwork and after-school activities
  • strength their self-worth- being kind to herself, being assertive, building positive relationships
  • tackle any challenge that she is faced with in her life

The girls in your club will gain confidence and bravery supported by a positive community cheering them on!

Meet the Founder of

Girls Positivity Club


Melissa Jones is an inspiring girls empowerment coach and highly effective licensed classroom teacher who helps girls learn daily positive habits so they can feel confident in who they are and connect with other girls in an empowering environment. 

She has been motivating and cultivating connections among hundreds of girls and providing families with resources she has created with over 22,680 hours of experience. 

Melissa has her Master's degree in education, and through Girls Positivity Club she creates innovative and relevant lessons around positivity, growth mindset, the healthy connection among girls feeling seen and valued. 

What Leaders Are Saying 

Meet Emily- Indiana

I’ve been a leader for two years now and the reason why I became a Girls Positivity Club leader is I really wanted to start to build community not only with my own students but with students who were in other classes and even in other grades. It really is the highlight of my week, and I love spending time with the girls after school and just building this relationship with them and community with them. 

The wonderful thing about the club is it not only is beneficial for me because I get to know the girls on a much deeper and personal level, but you also start to see the girls develop friendships that maybe wouldn’t have happened outside of the club.  Also, the girls start to build more confidence, and you start to see this transformation come for many of them just because they are part of the club. 

It really is a blessing to be part of the club, and I really enjoy it!  


Meet Skyler- Indiana

My favorite part of the club is seeing the girls interact with each other and having those cross grade connections between the girls.  Another amazing part of running the club is getting to hear the parent feedback and just seeing those stories of the parents seeing growth in their child and confidence and just joy when they leave the club. 

Meet Mary- leader in Kenya


I decided to partner with Girls Positivity Club because I have been working with girls in slums for ten years, and I realized that girls in slums suffer a lot because of poverty the word poverty has really affected many girls in slum sat down and thought it wise to have a club where I can meet girls and young mothers by giving them hope in life and am seeing the hands of God reaching many lives in Korogocho slum.


I work with a social worker to reach the girls, out then we organize activities like singing, dancing quizzes, and modeling our girls have been doing very well.


Our girls have changed a lot because of the knowledge they are getting from powerful lessons from the Girls Positivity Club.  The community is very happy with what our club is doing. Our girls really passed the previous exams, and they got into good schools. The community is responding positively.

Meet Brittney- Indiana

All of my students are very important to me. I want to have a positive impact on these girls in our club and teach them how to be a leader in our society, teach them how to spread kindness, how to lift themselves up, and be proud of who they are and also lift others up. I’ve already witnessed how strong these girls have become, how great role models they are among their peers. I love watching them grow as independent kind human beings.

Meet Heather- Florida

What is most exciting about being a Girls Positivity Club leader is that I want to empower girls and help them realize that they are strong and brave, beautiful, and have the ability to reach their goals and also that they can do great things.  Building belief in themselves and helping to build others up as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Parents Are Saying 

My daughter loves the positive environment in

Girls Positivity Club

Girls Positivity Club has been great for my daughter! She looks forward to it every week! She loves the positive message/lesson each week but also the creative activities they get to do! Mrs. Jones has been a positive light in so many of our local girls’ lives! She has helped many gain confidence and grow into their own person! It’s a safe space where sharing and conversing is welcomed and easy! I’m so glad we found it! ️ I would recommend it to any parents who are looking for something fun but also meaningful for their daughter to participate in. Exciting things happen when you stay positive and see the positive in those around you! 

Melissa F., Parent

Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter build positive relationships 

Jenna talks about how her daughter has benefitted from Girls Positivity Club in her relationships and seeing her potential.

Jenna, Parent of GPC girl- Tynley


Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter overcome challenges 

"GPC has helped my daughter grow in ways I never imagined. My daughter has three (3) learning disabilities, being in Girls Positivity Club has helped her to know her self-worth, the confidence she always had, but lost when she started struggling in school and has helped calm her anxieties, which she struggles with daily. Mrs. Jones has created an outlet to help our girls and I will be forever grateful for her dedication to my daughter."

Desiree T., Parent of GPC Girl -Ariana

In Girls Positivity Club

You Will Help Girls 

Navigate Their Lives

with Confidence

When we teach girls to be brave and we have a supportive network cheering them on, they will do incredible things. Girls Positivity Club is the perfect place for your daughter to be.

Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter break out of her shell

Kaytlyn talks about how her shy daughter gained not only confidence but a growth mindset and a positive support system for girls. 

Kaytlyn S., Parent of GPC Girl- Tessa


Girls Positivity Club is an incredible network for girls that teaches them to be brave

Beth talks about the impact that Girls Positivity Club has had on her daughter a place that teaches girls to grow in handling mistakes, courage, and how to be a good friend. 

Beth T., Parent of GPC Girl, Natalie


Girls Positivity Club helped my daughters gain more self-worth

"Girls Positivity Club has been such a great experience for my girls. They have gained confidence and more self-worth as they become young ladies. I cannot say enough great things about the leader and the work she does with our girls! Thank you!"

Lara R., Parent of GPC Girls

Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter soar in confidence with academics and life outside of school

Mackenzie reflects that her daughter Kennedy enjoyed the weekly fun activities that taught her how to be strong, brave, kind, and most importantly, confident.  The impact showed in volleyball, gymnastics, and, most importantly, school work. 

Mackenzie H., Parent of GPC Girl, Kennedy


Girls Positivity Club helped my daughter improve friendship, confidence and take risks 

Alyssa shares that Girls Positivity Club had taught Meghan to think more positively about herself and other girls and be more confident in what she does, joining cheer, gymnastics, and the upcoming basketball season. She would not have tried any of these activities before Girls Positivity Club.

Alyssa B., Parent of GPC Girl, Meghan


Ofelia T., GPC Mom

"Maya likes that the girls can be themselves during the Girls Positivity Club. She enjoys how they can share about their day, how they learn about social skills, and do crafts about being positive."

Anel A., GPC Mom

"Girl Positivity Club has helped my daughter with a safe space to talk about topics girls her age go through. The GPC is a great resource for girls to learn to process their emotions in a positive way. It has helped my daughter with mindset exercises. I am grateful that this group exists." 

What Girls Are Saying 

Girls Positivity Club Teaches Me to Be Powerful

Natalie describes what she loves about Girls Positivity Club, including fun activities bubble painting, friendship, and helping her feel brave and strong.

Natalie, GPC Girl


Ariana, GPC Girl

I had a lot of anxiety before I joined Girls Positivity Club, but now I don't have as much. I really only have it when tests are coming up. It helped by calming me down and learning lots of ways to release my anxiety in positive ways. I have fun in the group doing creative activities and by being around kind people. 

Emilie C., GPC Girl


"I like the Girls Positivity Club because it helped me gain confidence and made me think about the possibilities. Another thing I like about the Girls Positivity Club is how there are fun activities, and get to know things about other girls in the club and make friendships. I also like how the club is all filled with girls; girls might have the same insecurities, likes, and dislikes; girls can just understand you because… you are a girl!" 

Jaliyah, GPC Girl

“Girls Positivity Club has changed me by thinking more positive about myself and not thinking down about myself. People make fun of me because of my weight, but I don't care anymore because the group makes me feel happy about myself.”

Allie, GPC Girl

"Girls group (GPC) has had an amazing impact on my life. It has really helped me be a better person and live a better life." 

Sophia, GPC Girl

"Most of my best friends from school so it's really fun. It's fun to meet new girls and do fun activities too.  I was offered to lead a Tot Hop class at my dance studio. Before Girls Positivity Club, I probably would have said no because I didn't have the confidence I do now."