2023 Full Day Girls Positivity Club- Creativity Camp

This camp is all about getting your creative, crafty, DIY on in an empowering environment. 

Only $249 + $9.59 service fee

When:  June 5-9

9:00 am- 4:00 pm

35 hours of fun and empowerment

Register your daughter to immediately give her confidence, connection, and creativity this summer!

What she'll receive:

  • Creativity that builds confidence and inner power- through art projects such as slime, painting, crafts, team building, and other empowering activities.
  • Make lifelong friends- girls will gain the tools to believe they can do anything with a network of girls cheering them on.
  • Finding her voice- the girls will express their uniqueness and learn how to be proud to be themselves.  
  • Positive environment- the girls will be in an encouraging and safe place to learn and grow while deepening friendships that already exist and making new friends that will last a lifetime
  • Learning from experts and mentors- the girls will learn empowerment not only from Mrs. Jones but also from local artists, chefs, and other surprise guests at each camp
  • A GPC t-shirt with a cute new summer design

In GPC Summer Camp, girls will gain tools for building confidence, happiness, and bravery through creativity, crafting, or cooking experience. 

Camps are designed so that when your daughter goes back to school at the end of summer, she will have the tools to handle any challenge that comes her way with confidence.

That's 35 hours of creativity, confidence-building, and connection in a positive environment


Noblesville Township Community Center 

836 Division Street
Noblesville, IN 46060



What People Are Saying:

GPC has helped my daughter grow in ways I never imagined. My daughter has three (3) learning disabilities, being in Girls Positivity Club has helped her to know her self-worth, the confidence she always had, but lost when she started struggling in school and has helped calm her anxieties, which she struggles with daily. Mrs. Jones has created an outlet to help our girls and I will be forever grateful for her dedication to my daughter.

Desiree GPC Parent

I had a lot of anxiety before I joined Girls Positivity Club, but now I don't have as much. I really only have it when tests are coming up. It helped by calming me down and learning lots of ways to release my anxiety in positive ways. I have fun in the group doing creative activities and by being around kind people.

Ariana GPC Girl, age 11

Girls Positivity Club has been great for my daughter! She looks forward to it every week! She loves the positive message/lesson each week but also the creative activities they get to do! Mrs. Jones has been a positive light in so many of our local girls’ lives! She has helped many gain confidence and grow into their own person! It’s a safe space where sharing and conversing is welcomed and easy! I’m so glad we found it! ️ I would recommend it to any parents who are looking for something fun but also meaningful for their daughter to participate in. Exciting things happen when you stay positive and see the positive in those around you!

Melissa F. GPC Parent

Most of my best friends from school are in GPC, so it's really fun. It's fun to meet new girls and do fun activities too.

Sophia GPC Girl, age 11

Girls group has had an amazing impact on my life. It has really helped me be a better person and live a better life.

Alli, GPC Girl, age 10

Our girls love GPC! They come home so eager to tell us what they did and the different ways they learned to be a better role model for their peers. We love that they enjoy it so much! Can’t wait for the next session!

Caitlyn Goslee, GPC Parent

Girls group has changed me by thinking more positive about myself and not thinking down about myself. People make fun of me because of my weight, but I don't care anymore because the group makes me feel happy about myself.

Jaliyah, GPC Girl age 10

Girls Positivity Club has been such a great experience for my girls. They have gained confidence and more self-worth as they become young ladies. I cannot say enough great things about Melissa and the work she does with our girls! Thank you!

Lara Rollins, GPC Parent

Participating in Girls' Positivity Camp this summer gave my daughter newfound confidence to join a group activity and make friends. She couldn't wait to go back every day, and she even went out of her comfort zone to try a cooking camp! She is no Master Chef, but she loved coming home and "teaching" her brothers how to make S'more Bombs -- we all loved them. The recipe is extra special to us since it was created by another camper! She can't wait to join Girls' Positivity Club again.

Stephanie S

$258.51 USD